Birthday wishes!

What’s your birthday wish?

Mine has been the same for the last five years or so. To wake up on my birthday in a different place to home. Preferably in a different country, but it can be anywhere as long as it’s some where different to my bed at home, and I’ll tell you why.

Birthdays are the one day when you can really focus on yourself and think about what you want.

In turn this means you can figure out what makes you happy, and not just for one day out of the year but all the time. If it’s going go carting with some friends, eating at a Mexican resturant or for me travelling and being in different places, It’s the best way to figure out what you’re life is all about.

By doing something different on your birthday it gives you the time that we all sometimes need to reflect, recalibrate, and get back to focusing on yourself. 

So happy birthday to me from Greece, and I hope you’re planning something exciting for your next big day!!

Got any good ideas as to where I should spend my birthday next year, or just share your next birthday plans by commenting below xx


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