Travel is my drug!!

In the last three months I have been to 5 different countries, I haven’t managed to always take pictures as they’ve all been work related trips except one so I’m usually on the go. 

But, when I went to Copenhagen I was determined to capture the scandi decor which I always love and definitely used as inspiration to furnish my own flat here in Germany.

The restaurant we went to Cafe Norden, had some great little details from the fur rugs to the candles and light fixtures. It was a really great place to relax after a busy morning of fashion trade shows. 

So, if you only had 24 hours in Copenhagen and you want somewhere to eat that gives you the scandi feel, great atmosphere, tasty food, reasonable prices and the perfect central location, then Cafe Norden is your place.

1. Location.

Situated in the centre of the luxury shopping district (Illum shopping centre is a stones throw away), this restaurant come cafe is also close to the canal tours so you can eat, shop and then see the city by sea all in one day! It also has great views of the Storkespringvandet (The Stork Fountain). 

2.The food

The great thing about this place is you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner all in one place.

We ordered a soup for starters which came with the most garlicky pesto bread you have ever tasted. It was totally mouth watering maybe wait a while before kissing anyone. Wanting something a little sweet we also had a crossaint and hot chocolate.

They also do a Champagne Brunch, so if you’re celebrating get that.

3. Prices

Tomato soup with pesto bread 140 DKK so roughly €18 or £16 

4. Inside tip

Sit upstairs as downstairs gets super busy and the best views are upstairs plus it’s easier to order from there.

Happy travels!! and if you’re thinking of a quick get away definitely try Copenhagen it’s a great city.

What’s your drug? And do you have any great destination tips that you’ve been too recently , I’d love to hear all about them so make sure you share and comment. 


6 thoughts on “Travel is my drug!!

      1. just keep your pictures natural … this way all the advice you are giving is realistic. I am a photographer and love seeing normal and honest pictures when people write about there trips.


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