Back to school….

I absolutely love September, and not only because it’s the Virgo season and yours truly belongs to this very same horoscope, but because it’s back to school time!!

School also symbolises work as well as literally school. The Mediterraneans have it right, taking of the whole of August to spend with their family and friends, closing factories and offices for some well needed R n R.

It marks the end of the summer holidays and the beginning of Autumn. It’s the perfect time to reasses the goals you may or may not have set yourself at the beginning of the year, and if you didn’t set any this could be the perfect time to do it.

September marks the beginning of the last quarter of the year, so here are just a few tips to make sure your year ends with a bang.

1. Be honest about your goals. 

Have you achieved what ou set out to do this year? If not why, and if you have great!! What’s the next challenge to undertake. I had a goal to blog consistently….I’ve failed miserably but I had a bigger goal of moving countries and that I achieved! 

Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t achieved your goal. Course correct yourself and use this last quarter as the time to work towards it.

2. Get your finances in order.

We all know that feeling of having to tighten our belts in January because from November to December the parties begin. But, now is the perfect time to reasses your accounts. How much have you managed to save or invest this year? Have you managed to do anything to get some extra income? If the answer is nothing. Begin now so you can have the best start to 2017.

3. Get your body in shape.

People so often have it the wrong way round. Don’t work out in the summer for summer, start in winter when you’re more covered up and it’s hibernation time, then when next summer comes around Boom! You’re ready for your big reveal!!

4. Have a look in your wardrobe.

The vogue September issue is the biggest of the year so even the fashion industry knows how important September is.

Review your wardrobe, if there are items you havent worn since the beginning of the year get rid of them. Sell them, rework them, give them to charity or just pass it on to family and friends. 

This then means space for new fresh items so your first day back at work you can re enter feeling like a new you!! 

Here’s to a great September!! How do you like to start the last quarter? Leave comments letting me know.


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