Cupcakes & Germany

So I’ve moved to a small town in Germany called Metzingen and the best thing so far has been finding cute places to go and eat out.

The Cupcake Store is definitely my favourite place to hang out. They have WiFi which is a godsend right now and, along with the best cupcakes, they have lots of breakfast foods, eggs however you want them, pretty much whatever you want and it’s a great spot for brunch!!

If you want American style pancakes with blueberries this is the place for you. They also do crepes which are heavenly – just sweet enough – or you can have savoury crepes with cheese and ham. I’ve put on about a stone since getting here but it’s okay.

The cupcake choices are brilliant sweet and fruity or just down right sweet. If you come here, try the Oreo cookie cupcake, or strawberries and blueberries. It’s too cute and a great treat.

What are you waiting for?

Let me know where you usually go for brunch or if you know any places in Germany leave a comment.


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